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BBQ buffet in Ginza

I went to the restaurant which is
BBQ buffet style in Ginza
(Ginza is the most expencive area (for eveything) in Japan. There are many high-class brand stores.)
We can eat everything within 90 min.
There are beef, pork, chicken, salada, cake, fruits, cafe, curry etc… 
 a lot of variety foods. We can enjoy only by looking
The price is only 1,000yen for lunch. (Dinner time is 3000yen.)
Please challenge it how much you can eat!!!
[Karune Station]
B1 Ginza-nine part3  8-5 Ginza Cyuou-ku Tokyo
TEL: (03) 5568-6167
Trading hour: 11:00-23:00 (3,000yen) 
Lunch time: 11:00-14:00 (1,000yen)
All you can eat.

2006年3月20日 - Posted by | Food and drink

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